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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Displaced people from Afghan/Pakistan border

We went to the camp where we had given medicines! $1440 was collected from friends and Rotarians in US & Singapore for medicines. These were bought in Peshawar and distributed by Relief International at the camp for displaced people from Bajour, one of the Tribal Territories.

These are photos of people in the camp. Not many people were left since most had been moved to another camp closer to Peshawar.

Below are sewing & literacy classes for girls and women, something they never could have had at home in Bajour. The women were uncovered and very friendly until I took my camera out.

The Pakistan government estimates 190,000 people have been displaced by the fighting but Relief International says it is 300,000.
These people will not be able to return home for a long time. Most houses and farmland have been destroyed. The Pakistan Army says it will take only a few more months to eliminate the rebels. This is not about religion but about uneducated people empowered by drugs, who ravage most of Afghanistan as well as across the border into Pakistan. Al Qaeda is also hiding out in FATA so American drones are bombing certain targets.

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