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Thursday, December 11, 2008

American in Pakistan

Last night I arrived in Pakistan. It is a holiday and things are quiet in Lahore. Only bad news sells so there is always way to much bad news going around!

Today I rode 2 horses at the Lahore Polo ground. Tomorrow morning I will have the honor of an annual visit to Kuger, with the family of Shehzad Ahmed (Rotary District 3270 incoming governor for 2010-2011). Kuger village is the sight of the wonderfully successful Buffalo Project of Lon & Helen Penna. For more info see :

I call Shezhad "Zoro" because he is the initiator, organizer & problem solver for so many wonderfully successful profects including my first Matching Grant for Revolutionary Association for the Women of Afghanistan. For info on RAWA see

For info on Zoro see his club website :

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