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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Visit to Noorulhadi School

 Yesterday we went to see the fantastic results of the Rotary Matching Grant which benefited the Noorulhadi School for Girls (also known as DOSTI Badezai School #2).  The project had been financed by the Maumee Rotary Club of Ohio with their sum matched by The Rotary Foundation. The school is a peaceful community supported facility located 6 miles from the tribal territory of Bajour.

It was great to see the growing number of girls as well as resources at the school.  The new solar panel on the roof attract allot of curiosity since it is the first one in the region.  Previously there had been power but now the outages are getting so long that it is usually out.

What a pleasure and an honor

 it is to be able to impact so many 

girls lives with real education!

We climbed the ladder to see the 

solar panels!

 I guess I was the first woman they 

saw climbing a ladder because it 

seemed like a big deal to them!

Apart from needing a good cleaning, the solar panels were in great shape.  They had not been generating much power recently because they hadn't been cleaned.  This is the first time we have included them in a project so now we know we must make sure they are cleaned regularly!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Faces of DOSTI

Yesterday I arrived in Peshawar, tomorrow I will go and check on the completed grant so we can finish the Final Report.

 This morning I  got to visit a couple of the nearby DOSTI Schools.

The students are unbelievable!  So willing to learn and show what they know...

These two girls are in pre-Kindergarten at DOSTI's Abdara School.  It has come from a handful of students without teachers, to 150 students with many inspiring teachers in just 2 years!

 These three girls are in kindergarten at DOSTI

School #1, also known as Sufraid Dheri.  This

school will be the beneficiary of one of our next

grants.  The lights were out the whole time

I was there so we will include solar panels.

 These girls are in second grade as

Abdara School.  They were doing the alphabet and

some songs for me.

Fourth grade students really know how to pay attention

to the teacher!

Malala is honored everywhere in Pakistan and

the world!  Studying hard below her poster is part

of the 8th grade class at Abdara School.
Eager to learn!


These students are in 3rd grade and 

curious and friendly with me!

DOSTI School #1 Math Teacher

going home after classes finish

Saturday, December 8, 2012

RI Auditors Impressed by our Matching Grants!

Rotary International is in the process of auditing some of the projects in District 3272.  Maybe they chose ours because we are the most remote rotary projects in the area.  They approved of all we have done and were very impressed with the projects capability of empowering the poor with education, especially the increased number of girl students.  I just got this from Zamarud Shah, the treasurer of our partner club, Unitown Peshawar:

Dear Rachel,
                    The Rotarian auditors from Karachi and Lahore were here on the 6th. I and Khanimullah Khan (club member) met them in Pearl Continental Hotel that nite and we discussed everything and gave them whatever they needed. They made statements and asked questions.  The next day I took them to Sardheri school and they inspected everything and the statement from Ridwanullah the principal. They were so impressed with what that MG have done to that area. There are around 140 girls now studying, up from 65. They realy appreciated how we helped them to upgrade the school.
Then we went to Kalu Shah and they also inspected everything there and were realy amazed that even the books they were still rotating after 3 yrs. The computers and the the furniture we gave them, the tube well kids are getting clean water and the principal also told them that due to Rotary help the school is doing tremendusly well. they have over 400 students now and they don`t have chairs for them and they now sitting on the floor. Mr Alavi talked to some of the girls and he was realy impressed by the quick right answers. They told me to help them with furniture and some toilets for the girls. They were so impressed they  told Islam (the headmaster) to carve a statue of Zam and fix it on the wall.
Well I m glad they found out that the help we gave them realy had a big boost on the education of this area. I thought that I should update you.
Below are photos from 2009 trip.  I will take more next week on my visit!
Iqral School at Sardheri, Charsadda : from left, headmaster Ruwanulla, Rotarian Rachel Williams, teachers and students of the school standing around Unitown Rotary Club member Kanimulla Khan

Kalu Shah School:  from left - donor of farmland for rural school sight & headmaster Islam Khan, Rachel Williams, and Unitown Rotary Past President & Club Treasurer  Zamarud Shah, with school children.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rachel in Pakistan!

With friends Ishaq & Obaida Khakwani

                                                   With friends Shanaz & Sidra Minhas

Pakistani cat thinking about the drone bombings

Gardener's bike
Veggie venders

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Malala Day!

malala-brecorderNAVEED BUTT
ISLAMABAD: ‘Malala Day’ is being observed throughout the world on Saturday (today) on the call of the United Nations (UN).

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has announced that November 10 will be observed as ‘Malala Day’ the world over, honouring her struggle for the cause of girls’ education. He said that this would “build on the momentum of UN’s Education First initiative”.

The Day is being observed across the globe to show solidarity with the brave daughter of Pakistan who stood up for education of girls and refused to bow down despite the threats of militants.     

UN’s Special Envoy on Education and former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in Pakistan and who called on President Asif Ali Zardari.

On the Day, he will ask President Zardari to lead governmental changes in policy to ensure girls’ education in Pakistan.

Petitions will also be handed to the United Nations to ensure international support for the push for girls’ education.

President Asif Ali Zardari has given the following message on “Malala Day”:

“‘Malala Day’ is being observed today all over the world to show solidarity with the brave daughter of Pakistan, Malala Yousufzai, who stood defiantly to the militants to pursue her education and refused to bow to their threats and faced bullets, instead of giving up. Malala stands tall today as a symbol of girls’ education and a symbol of defiance against those who wish to impose their obscurantist agenda behind the fa├žade of religion.

“On this occasion it is worth repeating what I said at an international conference recently about our daughter, Malala.

“Malala represents the resilience of our girls and women. Terrorists shot Malala…Her attackers aren’t just trying to kill the Daughter of Pakistan. They are trying to kill Pakistan. They didn’t stop at Afghanistan. They won’t stop at Pakistan. Attack on her is an attack on every child in our region…We cannot sit idly as our children are attacked. We must act urgently.

“The observance of the Malala Day today by the international community…demonstrates the commitment…that no matter what the odds, together we will fights the militants and not let them succeed in their agenda. Malala has transcended from an individual to an idea and the observance today shows that the idea lives on.

“On this occasion I wish to compliment the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for urging the international community to observe Malala Day today. I wish to congratulate Malala Yousafzai, her parents, and all those who fight for the cause for which Malala stood. I wish Malala early and complete recovery and thank the doctors…who took care of her.

“The Mission of Malala is fated to succeed.”