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Sunday, August 17, 2014

LITERACY, PEACE, & the END of POLIO in Pakistan

Sorry to say that I have been missing in action for a long time from my blog since I got facebook savvy.   My life continues to be gifted with many opportunities and once again it is time to ask for some help with them!

Fabulous Rotarians have contacted me and we are working on two Rotary International Global Grants to help schools in northern Pakistan.  After visiting these schools and watching them transform through smaller joint efforts, it is now time to help them address their ever growing waiting list of students eager to learn.  The grants will assist 5 growing schools near the Federally Administered Tribal Area and Swat in Khyber Pakhtunwa.  Included in these grants will be solar panels, computers, school buses, furniture, sanitation installation, school supplies, books & uniforms.

The big Global Grants do not include building and 2 of the schools have not been able to complete the buildings they started 2 years ago.  They are both functioning in half finished buildings with an ever growing number of students attending and a longer waiting list.

We are educating may girls who think the same as Malala, the girl who was shot on the school bus by the Taliban.  They are not public about it but behind every young person determined to get an education is an family and in fact, an entire clan.

Please don't leave these hungry minds out in the cold!  Help us to bring about and truely effective center of learning for these deserving children.

We just need enough to finish the structure so they can qualify for the wonderful things that will be funded by Rotarians in Ohio and Denmark. 

Lets step up and give them what they deserve with this small amount of financing they will need .

We are working on so many great projects in remote places where every person in the region will be positively impacted.  It is so exciting!  These growing schools are located on the fringe of areas of chaos where polio still raises its ugly head. With the introduction of each facility, sanitation and vaccines are introduced.  Shortly there is no polio, everyone in the village has toilets and neighboring villages are clamoring for the same…

 Tax deductable donations can be made out to Ipswich Rotary Charitable Trust
Mark Check "Schools in Paakistan"
mailed to Ipswich Rotary Club, PO Box 543 Ipswich, MA 01938

Details of the projects are on the following posts:

Shaheen Girls' School

Here is Shaheen Girls' School BEFORE  in the
2 rented rooms adjoining a house.
 This is myself with the Teachers.
Ms Shaheen is to my right

  Here they are digging the well for the new school.

 This is the building as it stands today.
No doors or windows and yet there is a waiting list of children and the school is already too small.

For $6,000 the structure could be finished with 3 additional school rooms added.


Budget Item
Name of Supplier


1.Steel Doors
  5 x RS 16000
   Ayaz Furniture        
 Rs  80,000
2 . Steel windows with      screen 5 x 18000
            Ayaz Furniture
 Rs  90,000
3 . Floor & walls Plastering
1500 sq ft x170  
          Arif &Sons Construction  Co.
 Rs 255,000

4. 2 more room construction in School      
15 x 18 sq ft 
 Rs  120,000
Meterial, 1. wiring
       Afzal Electronic       
 Rs  32,000
  2. Switches & plugs
`              ========
 Rs  14,000
 3. Ceiling Fans 7
     7 x 3600
Rs  25,200
 4. Electrician Labor
 Rs  20,000

 Rs  636,000

                                                              Exchange rate used        US$1= 99.00
                                                              Total in U.S. dollars             $ 6,425.00

 Tax deductable donations can be made out to Ipswich Rotary Charitable Trust
Mark Check "Shaheen Girls School"
mailed to Ipswich Rotary Club, PO Box 543 Ipswich, MA 01938