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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rotary Grants will complete Kalu Shah Girls' School & College!

             Thank you Rotary District 7930 (Boston area)!
                Thank you Rotary Club of Ipswich, MA!

Kalu Shah Girls' School & College building will be completed through a District Managed Grant created by Ipswich Rotary Club.  The club will put up the $10,000+ funding to complete the already busy but half finished building.  Upon completion of the grant Rotary District 7930 will return $5,000 to the club as per the grant funding.  Congratulations Ipswich Club & District 7930 for changing so many young girls' lives past, present & future, in such delicate and remote part of the work!
Partially completed Girls' School.

This wall behind me is the same place as the wall behind the children in what will be in the new Early Learning Center.   Below are some of the new students with their teacher.

After completion of the building the school will be ready for a Global Grant with Silkeborg Rotary Club of Denmark.  Their fundraiser was a huge success and they raised all funding needed for the $53,000 grant which will supply solar panels and all items needed within the school.  it  was a grand event with food that melted in mouth, drinks that floated down your throat, and even included a live band.  The meal was a rehearsal for the National Cooking Team of Denmark to prepare them for their coming world contest. Keynote speaker for the fundraiser was none other than myself.  What a wonder place to go and what wonder people I met!  My hosts, Silkeborg Club president Christian & fabulous super wife, Hope Bruun were amazing.

More on that soooooon!

The whole thing leaves me speechless....What a wonderful world with wonderful people!

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