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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rotary District Managed Grant for Kalu Shah Girls' School & College

KALU SHAH SCHOOL has come a long way!

This is Kalu Shah School before the original building was built.

Below is the school after the building was completed along with a Matching Grant in 2009
from Ipswich Rotary that installed sanitation, furniture, computers, fans, uniforms and books.

 Below are some of the graduates of Kalu Shah School waiting for the completion of the new 
Kalu Shah Girls' College.
 I am standing behind them in red.

Here are the early learners that actually start before kindergarten.  
Wall is unfinished as this will be a school room.

The following grant application has gotten positive feedback from our Boston area Rotary District 7930 Grant Committee:

Rotary District 7930 Managed Grant (DMG) Application


Budget Item
Name of Supplier
Kalu Shah Girl College Roof 2100 Sq Ft


Crushed Stone, Sand, Steel Rods, Cement
   Arif & Sons Construction Coy        

     1.Cements 300 bags
350 x550 Rs
Rs  192,500
  2. Steel Rods (sarya)
3 ½ tons x 85000 Rs
 Rs  297,500
  3. Sand  4 trucks
4 x 11000

 Rs   44,000
  4. Crushed Stones 5 trucks 5 x 15000
 Rs   75,000

`       Material Total     
 Rs  609,000
 Labor Rs 150 per ft
 150  x 2100 
 Rs  315,000
   Total Roof repair
Rs  924,000
  Ghulam Electric service

1.    Cable  7 Rooms

Rs   48,000
2.    Switches

Rs   16,000
3.Ceiling Fans 10xs3600

Rs   36,000
3.    Labor Electrician

Rs   30,000

Total Cost Pak Rs
Rs  1,054,000

                                                              Exchange rate used        US$1=Rs 99
                                                              Total in U.S. dollars           US 10646.00*
 *Grant application will provide  $5,000 
  will be supplied by Rotary District 7930 (Boston area)
  $5646  will come from Ipswich Rotary Club via donations.
 So far $2200 has already been raised.

                          Balance needed is $3446

 Tax deductable donations can be made out to Ipswich Rotary Charitable Trust
Mark Check "Kalu Shah Girls College"
mailed to Ipswich Rotary Club, PO Box 543 Ipswich, MA 01938

(Detailed reports of all purchases including invoiced, receipts and bank statements are required for this project.  All donors are welcome to have these reports and to come and inspect the sight when we go to view it upon completions of this project.) 


Project site:     Kalu Shah Girls School & College  
State/Province:   Kyber Pakhtunkhwa
Country:     Pakistan        

Which of the Rotary International 6 Areas of Focus will the grant address? List all that apply.

Basic Education & Literacy :   Renovation of this school will provide changes needed to equip the facility with a girls school and college.  There are no other schools in the area and to increase the number of girls there needs to be a separate building for them.  Plus many girls have been in the institution since the first MG and they are now ready for further education.  Parents will not let them travel to other districts to do this so there must me one here in a convenient location or their education will come to a close.

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution:   The recipients of this grant will get an improved, real education without the usual influence of hatred from those often labeled & condemned as less Islamic.  Through knowledge gained from better schools they will have the power to decipher what is reason and what is propaganda.  Also, this grant will be a rotary bridge to the recipients from American Rotarians. These rural people will know that US Rotarians care about them and will not buy into hatred often spread in this region.  Plus it has been shown that improved education levels for girls will result in a more civil society.

Disease Prevention & Treatment:  Improving schools is essential to improving local medical health because sanitation is part of education.  Plus inoculations are always included in school curriculums so improved schools with greater attendance will improve chances of eliminating polio in the region.  This is even more powerful when girls are in attendance as they will bring it back to their mother and ensure it is part of the life of their children.

Describe the project and the problem or need it will address, including the intended beneficiaries and how the project will benefit the community in need. Provide the estimated length of time needed to complete the project (must be finished by May 15 of current Rotary year).
This school, located between the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) next to Afghanistan and Swat, is populated by many illiterate, desperately poor farmers now joined by internally displaced people fleeing the instability in their villages.  The latter population is now permanently settled and working on farms.   There is little opportunity for the poor to get a real education.  There are many madrassahs in the area which only cater to boys and give children a distorted education with questionable religious values.  The improvement to this school will make for better educated students plus attract many more girls.  A minimum of 300 additional children will initially benefit from this grant in an area which desperately needs education. Early education and kindergarten will also be included, so many more children will get a start on a healthy life with many more possibilities for future opportunity. As this application is being filled out, many more Internally Displaced People are fleeing the violence in FATA to join their relatives in this area.  Their children, who have never had a chance to go to school before can now attend Kalu Shah, increasing the number of students to least twice a numbers we are quoting.
The renovations will begin as soon as funds arrive and take a minimum of 3 months to complete.  They would be finished by Jan. 1 2015 latest as this is just after school break.

Describe how the benefiting community will maintain this project after grant funding has been fully expended.
Kalu Shah School is already a successfully run community supported school.   It gets added supported from local and ex-patriot Pakistanis who run the DOSTI Welfare Organization.  This sustainable organization supports a number of schools in the region.  Their more urban schools make a profit on tuition paid by students who can afford to pay.   This funding is then sent to assist rural schools like Kalu Shah when they need extra financial assistance and supplies.

Describe specific activities of each participating club in implementing the project. What will the Rotarians who are members of the club(s) do during the project? Please note that financial support is not considered active involvement. (See the District Managed Grant application instructions for suggestions.)
Ipswich Rotarians have been supporting this school since it’s creation and assisted with a Matching Grant in 2009.    With this project we introduced sanitation to the entire region through one toilet at the school.  In 2012 we combined efforts with other clubs to bring teacher training to this school as part of the DOSTI network.  Ipswich Rotarians will continue to actively educate themselves and the general public about activities as this progress.  They will work  with local & regional PR coverage for the project to help the public understand more about Rotary, Pakistan, education, plus international understanding, goodwill & peace.  All members of the club will be invited to be guests of Rotarians in District 3272 in April 2015 and attend their District Conference.  Ipswich International Chair, Rachel Williams will lead the delegation.

Unitown Peshawar Rotary Club will purchase, oversea delivery, installation and ensure items in the grant are maintained properly both present and future.  They will be present and assist in procedures and inspections during developments of the improvements and will host a grand opening with PR kit upon completion.  Like their International Partner, this Host club has always had, and will continue to have regular contacts and reports from this school and Dosti Welfare Organization.

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