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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A beautiful Day

I brayed at this baby donkey and he thought I was his mother until he saw I only had 2 legs! Had him fooled for a minute...

Photo above left is myself with Shehzad and new Rotarians. Next is Bali, the head of the Kujer Buffalo Project, and a villager. Bali got married on Nov. 22, 2008.

This photo is the villagers cooking the sugarcane water into a thick sweet paste for us to eat.

These are Shehzad & Maimuna's lovely kids!


Shehzad, also known as "ZORO"

We went to Kujer on a lovely day with a clear blue sky! This is something many of us take for granted, but in developing counties often the atmosphere is clouded by smog and dust...

It was a trip with Shehzad & Maimuna Ahmad and their children, plus his father and his brother and sister and their families. The Kujer villagers made us sugar in every form you can imagine. Chewing the juice out of the stalk and drinking the juice were most popular.

Shehzad is not only incoming District Governor for Rotary District 3270, he is also an inspiration to many others to start Rotary Clubs. Representatives from four new clubs came over to shake his hand!

Lunch was served on tables out in the farm field where they had just harvested a fresh crop of sugar cane. This they served to us in numerous ways, all of which were very tasty.

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