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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Please help build Kalusha School for Girls in Northern Pakistan

Kalusha Girls High School
is to be built 50 miles from Peshawar,
20 miles from Charsadda and 10 miles
from the tribal area of northern Pakistan.

The school will be built and run by the
Dosti Foundation which already
has 18 schools in the area. This
organization is headed up in Pakistan by Rotarian (past-president of Peshawar Unitown) Zamarud Shah. Zamarud Shah is a Pakistani-American Philanthropist who has moved back to his old country in retirement to help Dosti.

There are no other girl’s high schools in the area for 9 miles on either side so it is important to have one located in this area. This school will facilitate the education for a minimum of 300 girls. It will cost $72,000 to build and will also include a primary school for 250 children since the local school nearby is very overcrowded. The building will have the first sanitation facilities in the area and will include this aspect in its education curriculum.

Rotary donations checks are tax deductable and can be made out to Ipswich Rotary Club (pls note Pakistan girls school on check) and send to the club at PO Box 543, Ipswich, MA 01938

For more info about Dosti see :

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Abbasi101 said...

I am President of ‘Global Friends’, a non-profit, non-partisan organization. It is a new and small organization yet its aims and objectives are high and lofty. One of the basic aims of Global Friends, which is now a registered NGO, is to provide educational assistance to needy and disadvantaged children in rural areas of Azad Kashmir ( Pakistan ) without any discrimination of gender, sect or religion.
At present, we are working on very limited scale helping over 50 children in six different schools, but our future aim is to build a state-of- the- art residential school equipped with requisite educational facilities for the poor children.
We have also decided to launch a big campaign one month ahead of the start of new school year (March, 2010). Objective of the campaign is to select schools in remote rural areas where poor, disadvantaged and orphan children are studying. Our aim is to prepare a list of 200 children to provide them text books, notebooks and two sets of uniform for each child, backpacks and other school supplies.
We would highly appreciate and welcome if any organization or individual assist, collaborate or partner with us in this endeavour. We assure that we will be adhering very closely to the guidelines we will be provided or the policy of your organization.

Contact person: Khizar Hayat Abbasi
Tele: 92-5822 443190
Cell: 92 3459636320