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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Helping Burma

The tragedy in Burma is beyond belief. Even more incomprehensible is the manner in which the government of Burma is hindering relief efforts.

Actually, if you know about this government you will not be surprised. Not only do they shoot their own people, they shoot their people’s monks! Plus, I have met government ministers from Asia who have met their counterparts in the Burma military junta and they say that the individuals know nothing about what their posting is supposed to do. They live in their own vacuum and have even built their own new city to live in outside of Rangoon.

The best ways to help with the present tragedy to find ways that involve minimal contact with the terrible people who operate as the government. Anything that is flown in and has connections with USA or UK will not get far. Avoid newly created contacts with the country as this will mean greater involvement with the government and greater likelihood the donations will sit in Rangoon &/or end up as property of those in the junta. Avoid Christian faith based organizations as Burma is a deeply Buddhist country and they don’t need someone else’s religion pushed upon them...

Doctors Without Borders has had a presence in the delta region for years and is doing huge work! Look them up and contribute at

The Monks are the locals doing most of the work to help people of the delta. You can contribute to this fund by going through the Mahasatipatthana Meditation Center of Malden which is linked to the Amercia Burma Buhhdist Association website at

I visited the country a couple of times and fell in love with it. What wonderful people! After the election of Aung San Su Kyi I told my family to send money so we could buy a place in Burma. This all changed with the military crackdown after the election. For inkling on what it must be like to live in Burma, read “Finding George Orwell in Burma”.

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