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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sept. 11 7th anniversay

This is what I have been giving out at my presentations this week :

Rotary District 7930
Literacy: NOW more than ever!

Every day this second week of Sept.’08 is International Literacy Day. Literacy is directly related to peace. Ignorance and poverty anywhere endangers and threatens us everywhere. An increase in education levels world wide give us a better chance for peace on earth. Rotarians are in a position to make a difference in the world now more than at any other time in history.

Our community schools are making do with ever shrinking funds. When students don’t get the help they need in our public schools they become marginalized. Their grades slip along with their future. This directly affects our projected increase in the national crime rate for the next decade. The better our schools are, the less crime we have in our neighborhoods.

When parents don’t know the importance of pre-literacy their children become less teachable. US prisons forecast future crime rates through the literacy of children in kindergarten.

Our international scene is dominated by war in a vacuum of dialogue and education. In many parts of the world there are no schools &/or schools are a propaganda machine. In these places PolioPlus is not successful.

Of the worlds 6 billion people, 25% are illiterate. 70% of these people are in 10 countries, 7 of which are Muslim. Lack of education and opportunity breed ignorance and misunderstanding. We, of the International Family of Rotary, can change this. The key to peace and understanding is education.

Presentation by Rachel Williams ’08-‘09
District Literacy Program Coordinator 978-374-1106

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Civics101 said...

Rachel; Who does the 70% refer to, the illiterate or the literate? Are the Muslim countries in the literate or illiterate group?

Your Dad sent me your Blog. Congratulations and keep up the great work. Don