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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Schools in North West Frontier Province

Yesterday I met up with Zamarud Shah (Zam), President of Unitown Rotary Club here in Peshawar. Zam has facilitated many rotary projects including assisting the La Jolla RC (CA) in adopting Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
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Zam has recently retired and taken over as local head of DOSTI Welfare Organization. This organization is based in USA. Their mission statement is :

To alleviate the crippling effects of poverty on children - including abuse, and child labor - by providing high-quality education permeated with tolerance and respect. Dosti schools are committed to serving all children, regardless of their social, religious, or ethnic backgrounds. Dosti school development involves all sectors of society, especially women, and fosters the growth of healthy, economically-sustainable communities.

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(alas I cannot download my great photos of todays trip so go to this website to see photos)

This is the perfect partner for Rotary International Matching Grants!!! We went to a number of their schools around Peshawar and then to a site out of town near Charsadda where they will be building a new school.

We also went to a building they donated the use of to a Preventative Care Clinic set up by four doctors in Peshawar. This clinic, in the village of Khazana, is the only one of its kind in the area. The female staff assist women in social and healthcare issues. A team of 2 female health worker go each day to 8 homes of rural women to check on their health as well as that of a pregnancy or a new baby. Most births take place at home and few women travel to clinics for regular checkups. In this way medical professionals can screen for possible problems, plus educate women on health, water and waste management.

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