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Monday, December 3, 2007

Peshawar, North West Frontier Prinvince

Tonight I am flying from Lahore to Peshawar to meet rotarians for partnerships in MGs to help schools in the area. This war on terror is a war on ignorance. The best remedy for ignorance is education. Education brings the peace required for people to live the lives they desire plus it will make PolioPlus a success.

One rotarian I will meet is Zamarud Shah who is already doing a school. See

I am not sure that I will be able to get time on a good connection up there. I assure you it will not be dangerous. If anyone would like to call or text message me, my cell number is 92-306-411-4481.

I will be visiting the RAWA orphange in Peshawar as well as in Rawalpindi near Islamabad.

On Thursday I will be with our partner club The Rawalpindi Rohtas Rotary Club to see their projects as well as the school in Kashmire. Hopefully by then I will be on a good computer and can work on this blog!

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