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Monday, December 3, 2007

Kuger RCC becomes Sheikhapura Rotary Club!

After 2 years of taking the roll as the grass roots connection of the village to the Lahore Garrison Rotary Club, Kuger Rotary Community Corps evolved into the Sheikhapura Rotary Club! Sheikhapura is the closest town to Kuger. The club is a combination of the RCC and community business leaders in Sheikhapura. This will certainly make the next lap of The Buffalo Project alot easier.

Exactly one year ago to the day, I was at a gather of the 2 groups who were consulting with then District WCS Chair Shezhad Ahmed. They were asking him about the procedure on starting a new rotary club. He continues to direct them in their new club.

Just 3 blocks from the Sheikhapura meeting venue I was informed that I was the be he club's speaking and guest of honor at this, their 4th meeting!

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Lon Penna said...

Thank you Rachael, for the photos and commentary. And CONGRATULATIONS to the Sheikhupura Rotary Club.