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Friday, December 14, 2012

Visit to Noorulhadi School

 Yesterday we went to see the fantastic results of the Rotary Matching Grant which benefited the Noorulhadi School for Girls (also known as DOSTI Badezai School #2).  The project had been financed by the Maumee Rotary Club of Ohio with their sum matched by The Rotary Foundation. The school is a peaceful community supported facility located 6 miles from the tribal territory of Bajour.

It was great to see the growing number of girls as well as resources at the school.  The new solar panel on the roof attract allot of curiosity since it is the first one in the region.  Previously there had been power but now the outages are getting so long that it is usually out.

What a pleasure and an honor

 it is to be able to impact so many 

girls lives with real education!

We climbed the ladder to see the 

solar panels!

 I guess I was the first woman they 

saw climbing a ladder because it 

seemed like a big deal to them!

Apart from needing a good cleaning, the solar panels were in great shape.  They had not been generating much power recently because they hadn't been cleaned.  This is the first time we have included them in a project so now we know we must make sure they are cleaned regularly!

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