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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Faces of DOSTI

Yesterday I arrived in Peshawar, tomorrow I will go and check on the completed grant so we can finish the Final Report.

 This morning I  got to visit a couple of the nearby DOSTI Schools.

The students are unbelievable!  So willing to learn and show what they know...

These two girls are in pre-Kindergarten at DOSTI's Abdara School.  It has come from a handful of students without teachers, to 150 students with many inspiring teachers in just 2 years!

 These three girls are in kindergarten at DOSTI

School #1, also known as Sufraid Dheri.  This

school will be the beneficiary of one of our next

grants.  The lights were out the whole time

I was there so we will include solar panels.

 These girls are in second grade as

Abdara School.  They were doing the alphabet and

some songs for me.

Fourth grade students really know how to pay attention

to the teacher!

Malala is honored everywhere in Pakistan and

the world!  Studying hard below her poster is part

of the 8th grade class at Abdara School.
Eager to learn!


These students are in 3rd grade and 

curious and friendly with me!

DOSTI School #1 Math Teacher

going home after classes finish

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