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Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Us" & "Them"

 It seems very popular here is USA to condemn Pakistan.  Yet, do you  know that terrorism has killed 350,000 Pakistani’s since 911?  When will we read history and realize what a huge part our own foreign policy has played in the chaos we now read about?  

The CIA recruited fighters in Afghanistan, Pakistan and throughout the Middle East to fight the “godless” Russians.  An elder gentleman I used to have tea with in Peshawar was a general in the Pakistan army in the ‘70s.  The top US military men in those days asked him what he thought about the idea of creating an army to fight for god.  He said “ It will work, but what do we do when you are done?”  

If any of us bother to look up the tragic truth about what is now called the “Af/Pak  Situation”,  we will be appalled!  Own tax dollars helped develop an education system which uses hatred as a tool to create what is now a third generation of terrorists.  The tables have turned and in the absence of the Russians, we are now the infidels.  

The latest story, now being turned into a political football, is the case of the CIA pay rolling Dr.Shakil Afridi to run a fake clinic in an effort to get the DNA of bin Laden’s relatives.  If the US government really cared about this man, they had many 
opportunities to evacuate him.  His real crime is not treason nor is it conspiring to work with the bad guys.  His crime is that his actions have placed a massive cloud of suspicion over anyone offering medical care to the grassroots poor worldwide.   For the CIA to set these kinds of things up, without considering the repercussions of their actions, is business as usual.   

In war big fish rarely get penalized, and very often get rich.  It is the innocent poor, the female, and the young that suffer the most.  If we really want to help the situation, this is who we need to work with.  Does anybody care that there were 20,000 pregnant women among the wave of displaced people who  fled  the tribal areas when we started bombing with our drones?  Those babies will most likely become terrorists, too, if they don’t get a real education and medical care.

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