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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rotary Grant Approved for girls school near FATA in Pakistan!

This Adopt-a-School Matching Grant is a partnership of Unitown Peshawar & Maumee (Ohio) Rotary Clubs.

 The school is Dosti Badezai School #2, also known as Noorlhadi Girls School.   The grant will supply essential items to bring the school from a struggling, overcrowded 3 rooms, to a vibrant, exciting institution for 300 girls.  They will have their own power source provided by 2 solar panels, computers, student & teacher's desks, fans, drinking fountain and books.

 The school is community supported, assisted by the Dosti Welfare Organization in Peshawar and its funding are in Toledo, Ohio, The Global Education Campaign.  It is located near the tribal area of northern Kyber Pakhtunwa Province of Pakistan.
  I have never met anyone who does not want their children educated, including their girls.  They may not want their girls to go far from home, nor be put at risk in an insecure situation.  They do not want their children indoctrinated with foreign beliefs, but they always want them educated if at all possible!

Educating girls is the key to transforming society.  When you educate a girl, you decrease domestic and local violent, plus decrease infant and maternal morbidity.  An educated mother will have less children and she will make sure her children go to school and get better medical care.    In the Koran it says "heaven is below the soles of your mother's feet".  You can't get to heaven unless you obey your mother!  Yes, of course educate boys, but the key to a civilized society is greater education of girls.

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Pat said...

SAFF Canada South Asian Film Festival loves this project. We admire Rachel, all the Girls at the School, and Rotary.

Your courage, determination and projects inspire does the indomitable Malala Yousafzai.

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