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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For our children’s future we must “wage peace” by fighting ignorance with education. To promote peace through education, I am launching a program to assist schools in the areas where many of our international problems originate; Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Did you know that 9200 schools collapse in 2004’s horrendous earthquake in Pakistan? It was the morning of a school day on Oct. 4th that saw almost 20.000 children die under the fallen buildings. A whole generation was lost in one day. Only 400 hundred of these schools have been replaced but thousands of Madrassahs have sprung up in the refugee camps.

Did you know that the Taliban grew up in madrassahs and were educated by men who were raised in a war and had little or no education? In Islam, "Heaven is at the soles of your mother's feet". You can't go to heaven unless you do what your mom tells you. The Taliban were raised without mothers or sister and taught by teachers who were angry and often violent! This is not an excuse for them but needs to be a lesson for us : REAL SCHOOLS ARE ESSENTIAL for a civilized society.

The U.S. is known for its education and we need to reach out and share it!

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