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Friday, November 30, 2007

Arrival in Pakistan

Arrived after a 35 hour trip. I had to collect my luggage and check in again in Bangkok. Yikes, even with the new airport, it took me 2 hours to get through immigration. By the time I got out, my luggage had been sent to the "lost luggage dept".

Landed in Lahore with the first rain of the season. Immigration was very fast. Maybe that was because 6 of the 10 officers were women! Picked up luggage and was out of the airport within 25 minutes.

Today the air is clean and the ski is blue! Musharraf is no longer part of the army and elections are on Jan. 6. Life carries on for all here and there is no danger, honest! Much of what previously heard in our press was not know by the general public here due to the press black out.

Tonight I went to a joint meeting of 2 Lahore Rotary Clubs. Tomorrow I go so some hospitals and schools which were the recipients of previous Matching Grants.

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