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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shaheen Girls' School

Here is Shaheen Girls' School BEFORE  in the
2 rented rooms adjoining a house.
 This is myself with the Teachers.
Ms Shaheen is to my right

  Here they are digging the well for the new school.

 This is the building as it stands today.
No doors or windows and yet there is a waiting list of children and the school is already too small.

For $6,000 the structure could be finished with 3 additional school rooms added.


Budget Item
Name of Supplier


1.Steel Doors
  5 x RS 16000
   Ayaz Furniture        
 Rs  80,000
2 . Steel windows with      screen 5 x 18000
            Ayaz Furniture
 Rs  90,000
3 . Floor & walls Plastering
1500 sq ft x170  
          Arif &Sons Construction  Co.
 Rs 255,000

4. 2 more room construction in School      
15 x 18 sq ft 
 Rs  120,000
Meterial, 1. wiring
       Afzal Electronic       
 Rs  32,000
  2. Switches & plugs
`              ========
 Rs  14,000
 3. Ceiling Fans 7
     7 x 3600
Rs  25,200
 4. Electrician Labor
 Rs  20,000

 Rs  636,000

                                                              Exchange rate used        US$1= 99.00
                                                              Total in U.S. dollars             $ 6,425.00

 Tax deductable donations can be made out to Ipswich Rotary Charitable Trust
Mark Check "Shaheen Girls School"
mailed to Ipswich Rotary Club, PO Box 543 Ipswich, MA 01938

As of 10/9/14 we have received a total of $1,100 so now we only need : $5,325

(Detailed reports of all purchases including invoiced, receipts and bank statements are required for this project.  All donors are welcome to have these reports and to come and inspect the sight when we go to view it upon completions of this project.)

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