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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pakistan Flood Recover - KITCHEN RECOVERY KITS

Two Million people have lost everything they owned in the recent floods in Pakistan...
Urgent assistance in needed in this already volatile region.

Partner clubs are on sight working hard at this moment to assist those in need lest their region implodes.

Ipswich and Unitown Peshawar Rotary Club, are partnering to supply
Kitchen Recovery Kits
These kit consist of : gas cooking cylinder & burner,
pot, plates, cups, soap, cooking oil, 5 kilo bags of sugar, flour and rice. Each kit will ensure that a family will have clean drinking water and cooked food to maintain daily health during the recovery. Items will be of permanent use upon moving to a future location.
Price $79

Tax deductable donations can be made via checks to the Ipswich Rotary Charitable Trust noted "Pakistan Flood" and mailed to the Ipswich Rotary Club,
PO Box 543, Ipswich, MA 01938
more info : Rachel Williams, International Chair
tele : 978-372-1106 or email :

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