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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Adopt-A-School in NWFP, Pakistan

Empower Kalu Shah School with a Matching Grant from The Rotary Foundation!

Pictured below are the children attending Kalu Shah School, in Takhbai, the school we are working on adopting. The students at the top, with their smart uniforms and inspired faces, are in the school we adopted after the earthquake in Muzzaffarabad, Kashmir, Pakistan. This is the look of children seeing computers in their school for the first time. With the improvements from our next Matching Grant, we will see this look on the faces of students at Kalu Shah. This is the look of hunger for knowledge and hope for the future!

This Matching Grant is a partnersip with the Rotary Club of
Unitown, Peshawar (Pakistan)
(pictured here with Ipswich International Chair, Rachel Williams)
Rotary Club of Ipswich (USA)
Funds required : $3300
Funds raised : $1400
Balance left to raise : $1900
Rotary Grant : $8250 *
Project Total : $11,550 (At 3.5 times original amount $1.00 becomes $3.50)

This Matching Grant will supply desks & chairs, blackboards, teacher training, computers, books, and water well sanitation (first in this village).

If you would like to help with this Rotary International Humanitarian Project please send email to or you could send a check to Ipswich Rotary Club marked "Adopt-a-School" mail to PO Box 543, Ipswich, MA 01938

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